Exfoliating Glycolic Gel 10%

//Exfoliating Glycolic Gel 10%

Exfoliating Glycolic Gel 10%


Glycolic acid works for both acne prone and aging skin. It gently exfoliates as well as balances the skins moisture. It is the best of all hydroxy acids. Size: 1oz

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  1. Nicole DeGaetano

    Of all the products I hsve bought & tried, this by far is the best I have used.

    • Claudia

      Thanks Nicole! We are glad you like it!

  2. Deatrice

    My aesthetician used this product during my facial and the results have been phenomenal. She gave me a bottle for free and I have fallen in love with it. As a 47 year old African American female this particular product as added life to my facial appearance. I will continue to buy and use this product.

  3. Tunisha B.

    I’ve been long introduced to the Gabriel Correctives skincare products,especially this exfoliating gel. I can say without a doubt,this product alone works wonders for your skin concerns,mines being discoloration from acne scars and blemishes. I absolutely LOVE this and will continue to use it. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence and true face back!

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